"I would like to offer that in the best interest of science and religion we cut to the chase and have good laugh about it all."

"Science is dumpster diving for answers. We have come full circle to mythos"

Are we alien, are we human? What is alien to being human? Are the secrets to our history and future written upon the genetics that compose our body. I explore contempory conversation about the cosmos, earth and the ecology of our species. Knowledge passed down through tribal cultures as tradition meets head on with science and even magic.  Where does the line exist between past and future, science and belief? Are we innovating or merely repeating the steps of previous civilizations? As persistent as the sun and the moon our species has left it's mark throughout the ages.  What relation do we have to the heavenly bodies, space and beyond. Has our potential been locked away only to be opened with the keys of psychedelic substances such as Ahyuausca and what is the function of these experiences. I share the summary of my 40+ experiences with this plant medicine and relate to other substances.  In this book i outline a existential model that incorporates a foundational realization that is both empowering and reality shattering. Leading to your own answer of the alien conspiracy.