Welcome to Away Together

Awaytogether is the internet hub for the work of Darren Caulfield and those who wish to follow participate and/or support the endeavor of co-coordinating and building the awaytogether model of integrated living systems design.

Addressing needs and building futures one step at a time into a functioning co-operative producing the needs of it’s members while enabling creative inlets for designers, artisans, the elderly and children.  A space to visit and grow many aspects of life from gardens to community centered around common interests of working with land, sharing skills and co-operating in projects that members all have ownership of.

This model is what is commonly known as sustainable off grid living, also known as community or co-operative organizational framework.
It is, and has been a series of pilot projects across British Columbia and Alberta by Darren Caulfield and worldwide by others involved in this operation within Permaculture, it’s designers and other communities.

This goes beyond an idea of a commune, eco-village or working organic farm. Awaytogether is aiming towards real solutions that bridge traditional land based subsistence culture of many parts of the world with the current technological, industrialized political civilization often characterized as western culture though it is worldwide as globalization becomes realized at a astounding pace.

The speed of development has presented immutable problems and opportunities in basic of basic quality of life and sustainable furthering of what we have now as pertains to resource management, food, water, shelter and cultural apects of a healthy civilization. Anyone who dares look in this direction knows we have a great work at hand. This site is for those people, so please join the newsletter, login to our Forum and bear with us while we boot up and take on a great task with a bounty of opportunity. In times of great chaos lay the times of greatest opportunity.

Our current physical research site is located South of Salmon Arm in a river valley that is 18 acres with many features including a river, pasture/agricultural land, hills and a mountainous slope with connferous forest backing onto an indigenous mountain range. There is a lot of bounty, resources and opportunity however there is a foundational need for people on many levels from founders to just being interested and talking.

If you want to help with our cause here are things you can do.

1. Join the Forum , complete your profile and start talking.  Introduce yourself, ask a question or tell us your vision.
Do you have a project or topic to include ? Perhaps you know somone doing something worthy of sharing.

2. Make a donation: Click our membership button to go to the store and get your official membership package. (Packages not complete yet)

3. Sign up with our newsletter: Link is in the sidebar on the main site
If you have something to include in our newsletter use the contact form to send a message.

4. Your participation, presence and word are the best help. Help us network, share, tell a friend. This site is a seedling , please help us grow.

Thank you for taking the time to take this in, we live in crazy times and it sounds like a lot to take on but we all know this could be  a lot better for us all and there is a away together.


Darren Caulfield
Founder of Awaytogether
Living Systems Engineer, Permaculture Designer.