Ground Zero, Our Mission

Mission Statement

Here at we are committed to uniting traditional ways of land based subsistence with contemporary civil society.  This to me involves implementing structures and models that foster co-operative lifestyles and resource pooling. A holistic institutional model integrating key elements such as landscape, education, work experience, travel and our food network. Utilizing passive energy and domicile utility technologies reciprocating with our basic human needs. Integrating eductaion, work and lifestyle patterns to relate with our kin towards a more natural order that shall serve to recapitulate our peoples way of life synergistically.  Survival is patterned in the web of life. We the living are at a crossroads that must forge beyond the illusion of false profits and empty promises. Our potential rests in co-operativley moving beyond projections and paradigms that do not serve our common good. Thus the aim to provide food, shelter,education and travel. Provided within a living community framework that is widely accessible despite an idividual’s wealth and education. Supporting these notions is a framework of value that fosters education and advancement  to the people while generating productivity and material returning investment back into society.

The potential for productivity, labour and motivation for advancement are all banked within the people. This plan delivers a charitable/co-operative styled framework where peoples skill-sets provide opportunity to those who desire to improve their education towards a higher earning capacity via a self promoting structure where motivation to profit and succeed feed back into the organization. Rooted in ethics, founded upon ones logical right to a living, access to education, work, travel and advancement. As our society becomes more multicultural we must incorporate ways of life that integrate what is seen by western thinking as simple or “third world” but what actually is a time honoured, proven way of life.  There is a balance, a synthesis between what could be viewed as western empire, that is a civil strategy contrasted by rural farm based subsistence that exists in a village setting.

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Living Systems engineer, Permaculture Designer , Sea captain on the River of Lyfe.

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